About Ashley’s Organics

Born and raised in California, I was lucky to have access to an abundance of fresh, organic food. Unfortunately, for most of my life, I did my shopping at major super markets THINKING I was eating healthy. I started educating myself about genetically modified foods and the thousands of additives that the food industry forces into processed foods to improve taste, make them look better or last longer. The more research I did, I reached a conclusion that I could no longer carelessly continue to poison myself.

In May 2013, I began what I consider “clean eating”. I cut gluten, refined sugar and dairy out of my diet and started to buy all organic. I educated myself on what I should be eating for my lifestyle which opened my eyes to a whole new world. I found several online resources focused on a healthy lifestyle and I realized I was not alone in wanting to change my eating habits to truly become healthier. I was inspired. I had tried several diets in the past and gave up slowly after time and knew I needed to make a lifestyle change to achieve the goals I had.

The lifestyle change started with cutting gluten, dairy, refined sugar and genetically modified foods. I removed bread, traditional pasta, tortillas, milk, cheese,  yogurt, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, food dyes and coloring, preservatives, “natural flavors” and a majority of processed foods. I tried to focus on Primal or Paleo- What did our ancestors eat before the food industry became commercialized? These foods included organic fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed lean meats, gluten free grains (rice, quinoa, etc), nuts and seeds.

Check out the rest of my blog to learn more!!

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