IMG_1121.jpegHey there, I’m Ashley and most days you can find me sipping matcha, playing with my cats, experimenting with new vegan recipes and daydreaming about my next adventure!   

Like many other people, I spent most of my life THINKING I was eating healthy (or at least somewhat healthy!) until I started experiencing health issues that doctors couldn’t quite explain. I tried a variety of treatments for rashes and stomach issues and nothing seemed to help.

In May 2013, I began educating myself on the negative effects different foods can have on the body. I began eating all organic/non-GMO and stopped eating gluten, dairy and refined sugar and almost immediately saw a major transformation in my health. A few years later, I adopted a fully vegan lifestyle and removed all animal products from my diet as well as any products that participated in animal testing.

I hope to educate and inspire people to become healthier and happier versions of themselves!

For more, check out my Instagram, click around on blog or email me at info@ashleysorganics.com!

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