All about nut milk!

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Five years ago, I loved milk. I put it in my coffee, cereal and even drank it straight. Although, I could never drink milk on an empty stomach and most of the time, I would become nauseous and in pain after consuming dairy products. Usually, I just ignored these symptoms. I was obsessed with milk, cheese and ice cream and those things were worth a little discomfort (or so I thought!)

 I didn’t realize how negatively dairy was affecting me until I cut it out of my diet completely. Once I stopped consuming dairy products, I felt much less bloated and rarely experienced an upset stomach. My acne cleared up and my skin looked better than it had in 10 years. 

 Even though I gave up dairy products altogether, I didn’t want to deprive myself of the foods I loved. I did some research and discovered nut & plant based “milk”. 

 I began with coconut milk which then expanded to almond and cashew milk. Each plant based milk has a unique flavor and consistency; I like to use them each for different things.

 Coconut milk is great to use in cooking/baking, especially for more savory dishes. It is generally a little thicker than other plant based milks and in my opinion, has the closest flavor to cows milk. I buy unsweetened coconut milk so there is no sweetness to it. I love to use coconut milk when making pesto, nut cheeses or other creamy sauces. 

 Almond milk is a great milk alternative and is one of the more popular nut milks. Many people use almond milk in their coffee but personally, I prefer cashew milk.

 Over the past few months, cashew milk has definitely become my favorite plant based milks. Cashew milk has a delicious creamy flavor and is especially tasty in matcha lattes, coffee and tea. 

 A few weeks ago, I started making my own organic cashew milk and I was so surprised at how easy it was.

 How to make cashew milk:

-Soak cashews overnight (one full mason jar)

-Rinse cashews and blend with water (2-2.5 mason jars of water. Also, feel free to add dates or vanilla to the mix at this point!)

-Strain the mixture using a nut milk bag, gently squeezing out the water

-Once you have separated the pulp, remove it from your nut bag and put it into a separate container (you can use the pulp to make tasty treats later!)

-Rinse the nut milk bag and strain the cashew milk one more time

-Store in an airtight container (I like to use mason jars…obviously ;))

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Review


Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

I have been using Amazing Grass whole food nutritional powders for a little over three years now and I must say, I am in love! My daily go to protein powder is one of their newly redesigned protein powders, Protein Superfood. For those who have never tried Amazing Grass Protein Superfood, I highly recommend giving it a shot!


About three and a half years ago, I was searching for a protein powder to add to smoothies that not only tasted good, but fit my clean eating criteria and left me feeling… well, amazing! Many of the powders I originally tested out left me with an upset stomach, bloated or simply weighed down and sluggish.

I tried a variety of different products and after no success, I realized many of the “healthy” or “clean” protein powders on the market weren’t actually that great. Many of them were not organic, contained added sugars, animal products, artificial colors and flavors, strange chemicals and preservatives.


Amazing Grass Protein Superfood really impressed me with its ingredients list. It is organic, vegan, raw, non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free, has no refined sugar, is cold processed and kosher. 100% diet approved!!


Protein Superfood is made with seven alkalizing greens including wheat grass, barely grass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli and spinach. The 20g of plant based protein comes from sources such as peas, chia seeds, quinoa and hemp. A mixture of beets, carrots, sweet potato, goji, acai and banana add to the rich vitamin content.


Protein Superfood VS. Amazing Meal

When I couldn’t find my favorite Amazing Meal protein powder on the shelves at my local Whole Foods, I became a little worried and began to do my research. I found that Protein Superfood is the replacement product for their original Amazing Meal Protein Powder. There is a slight improvement in taste and the consistency is smoother and less chalky. This product puts more emphasis on protein content, whereas Amazing Meal was focused on providing your daily vitamin needs along with added probiotics to aid digestion. I did not notice any difference in the way I felt and my body is usually sensitive to any dietary changes.

I have been consistently impressed by all of the Amazing Grass products I have tried. I like to enjoy my Protein Superfood mixed into a green smoothie, recipe soon to come!!